Expert lab assistant for solubility determination

University of British Columbia / Canada

Application Areas

Process chemistry and manufacturing


This MAP is a first step towards demonstrating a generalizable, autonomous tool capable of experimentally mapping the physical and chemical properties of any target system. Its modular, closed-loop robotic platform uses solid- and liquid-handling capabilities along with computer vision to measure the solubility of various compounds. Unlike the majority of existing platforms, this system does not rely on high-performance liquid chromatography, which requires pre-calibration for each compound and can be resource consuming. Instead, the system relies solely on images recorded by a webcam and a custom algorithm (HeinSight) to monitor turbidity and decide when solids are dissolved. This system has been deployed on two different robotic arm architectures and across a variety of solid-solvent systems. The equipment for this MAP is supplied by North Robotics and Kinova.

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University of British Columbia


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