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Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH - Helmholtz Institute Erlangen Nürnberg / Erlangen Germany / Europe

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The AMANDA (Autonomous Materials and Device Application) platform is a generic platform for distributed materials research comprising a self-developed software backbone and several hardware research setups which are controlled by this framework. Starting with LineOne, this fully-automated substrate to solar cell research line. Consisting of pipetting robot, spin coater, thermal evaporator, transport robots, UV-Vis spectrometer, electrical characterization and accelerated lifetime capabilities -- all in pure nitrogen atmosphere. This research line can produce multi-layered solution-based solar cells, including evaporated electrodes and can measure optical features of the single films, and the electrical performance and stability of the produced solar cells. Beside that line we have multiple smaller hardware setups which are semi-automated to fully-automated and each offers just a few of the previously mentioned capabilities of LineOne.

With the automated experimental setups guided by smart algorithms we aim to test new materials for photovoltaic applications. The goal is to gain insights into the relationships between materials, process conditions, solar cell performance and stability in order to accelerate the application of emerging photovoltaic technologies. AMANDA's equipment is supplied by Sciprios, Hamilton, Tecan, Universal Robots, Precise Automation, Leybold, and others.

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