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Lambton College is a leading Canadian research college located in Sarnia, Ontario with campuses in Toronto and Mississauga through partnerships with private colleges. Lambton’s Research & Innovation department (R&I) provides a collaborative research platform for a range of partners that include industrial, business, government, not for profit and academic. It has an overarching goal of driving economic, environmental, and social impact, and through applied research seeks solutions to real world problems, providing direct impact and benefit to partners.

R&I at Lambton supports six research centres (Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Materials, Energy, Water and IT), including two technology access centres, and five research groups (Nanotechnology and Electrochemical Engineering, Social Science and Health, Natural Health Products, Instrumentation, Control and Automation, and Food and Beverage). These were established to address research and development gaps identified in the community, and to support the growth of new industries and sectors regionally and beyond. Lambton is continuously establishing new areas of research utilizing the existing capacity and is currently focused on areas including recyclable materials, energy storage, and battery innovation.


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