March 23, 2022

The Acceleration Consortium to launch micro-credentials program in digital discovery

Launching in Fall 2022, our program will help upskill workers and train new scientists to meet the demands of a growing digital chemistry and advanced materials sector, forecasted to reach $510B globally by 2024, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).


With support from the Ontario Micro-credentials Challenge Fund, the Acceleration Consortium (AC) plans to deliver the Autonomous Systems for Discovery program, the first of its kind in Canada.

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Launching in Fall 2022, this suite of stackable micro-credentials will offer training related to artificial intelligence (AI) for materials discovery; database management; design of automation systems; software orchestration of automated systems; and an executive program for leading R&D labs of the future.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the digitization of chemistry and advanced materials sector is forecasted to reach $510B globally by 2024. As WEF notes, seizing this billion-dollar opportunity will require companies to supplement their workforce with deep digital skills, some of which combinations like analytics and process engineering are both rare and sought-after. The Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS) also estimates that demand for technology jobs will grow faster than other occupations, with ~100,000 such jobs expected by 2028, a demand which may create a labour shortage in AI-related jobs.  

The AC’s new micro-credential program will address this demand directly, helping to upskill the existing workforce and train the next generation of scientists who will accelerate the discovery of advanced materials that are critical for a healthier, more sustainable future.  

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If you're interested in taking part, whether as a student, instructor, course designer or program coordinator, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out: Stay tuned for more information!

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