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Phase MAP

University of Toronto / Canada

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The phase MAP is an AI drivable x-ray diffraction system capable of performing measurements on thin film, powder, additively manufactured, or bulk samples including oxides, metals, nitrides.  The physical instrument is built from a Bruker D8 Discover Plus which integrates a high flux IuS microfocus X-ray source, an Atlas goniometer, and 2-D detector (Eiger2). Nominal beam size is ~ 600um x 600 um and can be reduced via focusing optics, +/- 40 mm of sample travel, and a Non-Coplanar arm for in-plane diffraction on epitaxial films. The current AI backend uses unsupervised machine learning techniques to cluster diffraction patterns by similarity and then builds a Bayesian classification model to determine the next material to be measured.

Research purpose

Autonomous phase determination in thin film and bulk samples. Future work will look to quantify other factors of interest order, site occupation, lattice strain, texturing, etc.

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